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History Of Slot Machines

The history of slots machines began somewhere around 1887, and in some sources you can find the date in 1889 when the American with German roots Charles Fey created and presented mechanic slot, which he called “Liberty Bell”. This first machine had three reels and each of them had symbols spade, diamonds, hearts, horseshoes, and bells. To play such slot machines player had to put in the 5-cent coin. If the player got one of the winning combinations, he or she has received money. The maximum gain was 10 coins. First Fey was the only one to make such slots machines and after he had his slot machines, he gave them to rent for 50 percent of all profits to casinos. For several years he already had a factory that manufactured slots machines.

To start solts games someone has to put cash, tokens, or a paper ticket with a bar code in a special whole. After this, start the game using either special button, or just touch anywhere on the screen if you want to play video slots with sensor display. There are no such slot machines that require you to have special gambling skills to play slots, some of them do not require any skills form the player except the desire to play. There may be just an impression that it is a bit difficult to play these or those slots, but it’s just an illusion. As you know, the main goal of the game is to win money while playing slots. As a rule, the game based on the combination of symbols on the screen, which is stopped after movements. These symbols are colorful and easy to recognize.

All the winning combinations listed on the castle’s history so that the player has a chance to get to know how much he or she wins, and winning combinations are available. If the person gets one of these winning combinations, game gives money to the player or provides players with additional free games. The number of different types of gambling slots are equally large. One of the most popular is roulette slots and poker slots. 9-lined slots also have a great popularity, usually 9-lined slots are thematic slots with music and graphics based on some popular movies and TV programs such as “The Adams Family” and so on. Such slots provide players with bonus game; the higher wages is made more winners to receive.

But online slots greatest popularity today. The number of online slots available to players is also very high. Here comes the most popular online slots: Crazy Poker, Wild Zero, Cash Splash, Safe Cracker Slot, Hyper Bucks Slot and FruitMaxMix Castle. Let’s talk a little about each of the above online slots.Crazy Poker is 5-reels slot machine with nine basic paylines and five bonus paylines and increasing jackpot. This game is created on the basis of poker, so if you are fond of poker, and if you like to play slots, Crazy Poker is the best choice for you.

Wild Zero is original online slot based on roulette. It has 5 reels, 1 payline, and 11 winning combinations. So if you like roulette, welcome to play WildZero.CashSplash has five reels, nine paylines, 34 winning combinations, and such special symbols like Wild and Scatter.Safe Cracker Slot is the slot with three wheels with the option to keep the wheels. It has 15 winning combinations.Hyper Bucks Castle is considered to be the slot with 3 reels, 5 paylines and jackpot.FruitMaxMix Castle are three wheel slot machine game with five paylines, with personal system of bonuses, with MD5 Fair Play system. It has seven winning combinations.

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